Michelle Welborn, CPM, LM | Primary Midwife

About Me:
I am a Certified Professional Midwife, a California Licensed Midwife and a graduate of the National Midwifery Institute’s 3-year midwifery program. I attend homebirths in and around San Francisco, California.

I am amazed and grateful to have found midwifery and I love my job! I feel so passionate about birth that it rarely feels like work. I believe that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes that have the power to transform us at the deepest levels. Witnessing this transformation and seeing women/birthing parents realize their power is both a joy and an honor.
Education is a core value. I offer individualized care, professional advice, information and resources to empower my clients to make autonomous decisions about their pregnancies, births and babies. The Midwifery Model of Care builds confidence in parenting skills.
No matter how many births I attend, I learn something new at each birth and find myself profoundly moved by the strength, love and wisdom I regularly witness in my clients. I can't imagine doing anything more rewarding than this work!
How I Got Here:
Witnessing the births of my sister-in-law’s twins in 2002 changed my life forever and inspired me to leave the corporate world behind to pursue work in the birth arena. By 2003 I was attending births professionally as a Birth and Postpartum Doula. My journey has included teaching childbirth education, newborn care and breastfeeding classes to expecting parents and training birth doulas. I teach classes for local student midwives and often have student midwives working as apprentices in my practice. Since the birth of the twins I have attended over 700 births and taught classes to families and birth professionals all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

My training is through the National Midwifery Institute, Hearts and Hands Midwifery program, and The Farm Midwifery Center. I gained my hands on skills in apprenticeships with three busy local homebirth practices. Additionally, in the summer of 2008 I volunteered as a Hospital Midwife in Vanuatu. I am a lifetime learner and love to attend conferences, seminars and trainings.
I am eternally grateful to the families I have served and to the midwives and teachers who have mentored me along my way. Thank you!

Yes, Welborn is my real family name — it must be meant to be — a calling perhaps!

Orna Konig | Apprentice Midwife

About Orna:
Orna Konig is a student midwife at the National College of Midwifery, a MEAC accredited 3-year program for aspiring Certified Professional Midwives. She is a birth and postpartum doula who has received training from Natural Resources, Doula Space (DONA certified) and Gail Tully of Spinning Babies. In addition, Orna is certified in CPR & newborn resuscitation. Her experience includes hospital and home birth environments, including successful VBAC births.

While Orna started her career in the high-tech industry as a software engineer, she always knew that her real passion and purpose in life was to help people in a direct physical and emotional way. Her current and past volunteer work includes: paramedic at the MDA (Magen David Adom - the Israeli emergency services), Presenter for the Nourishing our Children campaign of the Weston A. Price foundation, and doula at the San Francisco General Hospital as well as at the Homeless Prenatal Project of San Francisco.

Orna grew up in Israel but has been living in San Francisco for the last 18 years. She started her family, raised her two boys here and feels that San Francisco is her true home and community. She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Psychology from UC Berkeley, where she graduated Summa cum Laude.