Homebirth Midwifery Care

Your home is my office! All appointments take place in your home.

In keeping with the Midwives’ Model of Care, (a shared-care model where parents play an active role in their health care decisions), your prenatal care is individualized and evidence-based. Clients receive a binder full of information regarding pregnancy and post-birth self-care, nutrition information, laboratory testing options, and lots of birth, after birth and parenting tips. Throughout your care I’ll provide you with information and guidance on what to expect during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum; however, I strongly encourage parents to conduct their own research as well.
I work closely with other holistic, midwifery and obstetric practitioners in the community and often collaborate with, or refer to them, in order to help you have the best possible pregnancy and birth experience. Partners, siblings and pets are an integral part of your life and welcomed at all visits.

Prenatal Care

All of our visits, take place in your home and last about an hour in order to allow plenty of time for questions and answers. Each prenatal visit includes a thorough evaluation of mom/birthing parent and baby (blood pressure monitoring, measuring the growth of your uterus, listening to your baby’s heartbeat and palpating your baby’s position) as well as an educational component with discussions about healthy lifestyle choices, optimal nutrition, comfort in pregnancy, sibling preparation, breastfeeding and many other topics. Between visits, I am available by phone and email to answer questions.

Appointments are scheduled at these approximate intervals:

  • Once a month until 28 weeks

  • Every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks

  • Weekly from 36 weeks until birth

Gatherings, Classes and Walks!

I offer periodic group classes, gatherings and walks for all my pregnant and postpartum clients. These group activities are a great way to meet other parents, socialize, get support from your peers, build your community, share your birth story and introduce your new baby to others.

Your Labor and Birth

Every labor and birth is different. When you go into labor we will be in close contact and I will join you when the time seems right to us both. At your labor and birth I will remain respectful and patient. I will offer encouragement, guidance, emotional support, trust in your inner wisdom, and ideas to facilitate your labor. There are no arbitrary rules or timetables about how you go through this process. My role is to support you in birthing your baby, your way.
I will monitor you and your baby’s progress and health during labor and the immediate postpartum period, I will do so as unobtrusively as possible. I can be as available or as out of sight as you wish during your labor (you may prefer to labor privately or with just your partner for a good portion of your labor).
As your labor progresses and your baby’s birth draws near, I will call a second midwife to act in an assistant's role. The second midwife usually stays an hour or so after the birth of your baby.
Before I leave, your baby will receive a comprehensive newborn exam, which takes place right at your side. I will make sure that you are comfortable and nourished and that your baby has fed. Lastly, I clean up and tuck you into your bed. I return to check on your family and provide your first postpartum visit within 18 to 36 hours of your baby’s birth.

Postpartum Care

photo c/o Diane Rieger

photo c/o Diane Rieger

I routinely provide at least six postpartum/well baby visits in your home during your first six weeks after birth, and more when there are special circumstances warranting them. During these visits we will monitor your health and your body’s return to its non-pregnant state. I will also monitor your baby's growth, well-being and the development of your nursing relationship. We will spend time discussing your family’s adjustment and your emotional state.

It Takes a Village...


I believe in the concept that it takes a village to raise a baby and at no time is it more important than in the early days to gather your support team. While I have a lot of experience supporting lactation and can help with most situations, I am happy to provide all my clients with an optional in-home visit with a Lactation Consultant (Tracy Massillon, IBCLC, Paula Santi, IBCLC or Amy Clark, IBCLC) in the first month after their baby's birth.

I am also intrigued by the French government’s policy of postpartum physical therapy after birth. (Read more about France’s program here.) I evaluate all my clients for pelvic floor health and offer my clients an optional postpartum wellness check up with a pelvic floor physical therapist (Liz Miracle MSPT, WCS or Karen Hodges, DPT) within 6-8 weeks of birth. 

photo c/o Diane Rieger

photo c/o Diane Rieger